Affordable Student Health Insurance website

Affordable Student Health Insurance website

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Where can I get affordable health insurance? Im a student and I work, but work does not offer it.

They have good plans & you can ask them for free quotes,

" What state do you live in? Where can a recent college grad find affordable short-term health insurance? I am not sure what to do about health insurance after I graduate from college (in a few months). I know that I am going to need some time to job hunt (my field is very competitive) and I would also like to do some volunteer work before I start my career. Problem is, if I am not a full-time student, my parents health insurance wont cover me, and if I dont or cant find a job with benefits right away, I will be left uninsured. Any ideas where I can get affordable health insurance for short-term (no more than a year and a half) ??? Thanks!

When I graduated from college (5 years ago), I got temp health coverage from Fortis, which is now Assurant Health. It was a simple online process. I remember it being affordable. I cannot speak for how good it is, because thankfully, I did not need to use it. After 6 months, it expired and that was it

If I just graduated, I would take a serious look at this site. They seem to specialize in students.

Just make sure you read what they will not cover. For example, dont get pregnant.

. Some schools offer this, called student insurance, UNC and Duke do . Do some checking at school, otherwise, your next job after 90 days. What is the best health care plan for student while attending medical school, like nursing? Im a student nursing and ASAP need some health insurance, including Emergency Room coverage. Does anyone know any type of Health Insurance for medical student like that, affordable and reliable? Greatly appreciate and thanks to all,

Most schools have a health coverage program for students and it is usually very inexpensive. Check with your guidance counselor.

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