What Is A Successful Workout Program?

What Is A Successful Workout Program?

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What Is A Successful Workout Program?

With all the workout programs out there to choose from... how do you determine if the workout program you choose to follow will be successful in producing long term physical improvements?

Quite frankly, if your idea of physical activity is getting off the couch to go to the kitchen during commercials... then any kind of training program whatsoever should produce some positive results.

But when the novelty of the workout program wears off and the improvements start to become few and far between... most people just give up and return to the unhealthy lifestyle habits of

Choose your successful workout program wisely by adhering to these four criteria.

A successful workout program must be...

interesting enough to hold your attention

modifiable to your goals, needs, abilities and limitations

If you follow a workout program that is not designed to improve performance and proven to get results, that is boring to the point that you don''t want to do it, that is a cookie-cutter program that

does not specifically address your goals, needs, abilities and limitations and that is unsustainable over time... That workout program will ultimately FAIL to produce any long lasting physical benefits.

Let''s look at these criteria a little closer...

Nothing will stop you from continuing your workout program faster than failing to get the results you seek.

You train hard so that you can see, feel, experience, and enjoy the benefits of strength, conditioning and fitness improvement while applying those benefits to sport, work and life.

If your workout program does not provide this... what''s the point of doing it?

Let''s face it... most physical training workout programs are just plain boring.

At first you are determined to succeed... then it becomes forced labor... then you are bored to tears with the thought of going through the workout program one more time... and finally you just quit all together.

And after all... you probably weren''t getting the results you wanted for all your hard work anyway!

And as we all know, any workout program is only effective if you actually do it.

If you are bored and disinterested... you will FAIL to reach your potential and meet your goals.

Every individual has different goals, needs, abilities and limitations... And these factors must be reflected in the workout program for it to be successful.

A cookie-cutter type program that is not geared toward your specific success is doomed from the beginning.

In order to deliver long lasting physical improvements, the program you choose must be based on proven training principles... but also be modifiable to you.

A workout program that works for someone else might not work for you... and what works for you now might not work for you in the future.

Physical fitness success is a journey... not a destination.

There are a lot of workout programs out there to choose from.

And some of them might actually work... for a while!

If you follow the workout program to the letter you will see some results... but will the prescribed workout program become a part of your lifestyle?

If not... the benefits will disappear as soon as you stop the workout program.

And if you are not going to enjoy long term benefits from all your hard work... is the workout program worth doing?

In order to discover a successful workout program you must find one that will become part of your lifestyle.

And as your goals, needs, abilities and limitations change over time... your workout program should also.

When looking for a successful workout program... use your common sense.

Don''t be fooled by pop culture hype, pretty fitness models, unrealistic claims and marketing tricks.

Will that workout program really work for me?

Is that workout program interesting and diversified enough to become part of my lifestyle?

Is that workout program modifiable to my goals, needs, abilities and limitations?

Is that workout program sustainable over time?

If you answered yes to the above questions you are well on your way to discovering a successful workout program that will provide a lifetime of strength, conditioning and fitness improvements.

Now that sounds like a workout program worth doing!

Coach Lomax is a strength, conditioning and fitness coach dedicated to building better humans for sport, work and life. Learn more at

Optimum Physical Training or take his FREE Tabata Calisthenics Workout Mini Course.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eddie_Lomax

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