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Welcome to My name is Steve Barone and I have been designing websites for more than twenty years. It began as a hobby in the late 80′s and became my profession around 2005 not long after my job in the computer industry was off-shored to Malaysia. I noticed early on that I had a knack for getting websites ranked at the top of the search results. Part of learning how to design websites was wanting to know how to do everything involved with putting a website together including SEO and graphic design. Currently I take care of search engine optimization (SEO) which includes building, promoting and managing your website while you take care of your business. I will also redesign your current website. I will meet or exceed the skills and knowledge necessary to build and maintain a robust and relevant website that can be found on the Internet when people are searching for your products or services.

I have found that most website owners don’t have the time, knowledge or patience necessary to build and properly promote their own website. I have been learning all there is to learn about web design and SEO since the Internet became available to the public. I have also enjoyed great success doing what I do. That’s why I have included a “Testimonials” page where you can read what real clients have to say about my services.

One-Of-A-Kind Service

What makes my services unique is the fact that I am not a large SEO or web design firm. I am not out to see how much money I can make either. I am simply a website development, web site design, web site redesign, and website optimization expert that wants to be in control of my own destiny. My plan is to manage a total of 50 website’s at any given time. I only work on building one website at a time as well because I want everything I do to be the best it can be.

Most web design companies will build you a website and that’s the last you will hear from them unless you still owe them money. I do the whole thing for you. I build the website, promote it, and I maintain the website for you so that you can focus on your own profession.

Getting a website to the top of the search engines never happens overnight so if you are told that by somebody they are simply lying to you. In reality the analogy I like to use is to compare your new website to someone starting a new job at entry level. That person will definitely not become the CEO of the new company right away but with hard work, smart planning and consistent and timely promotion it will eventually happen.

Your New Or Redesigned Website

Your new or redesigned website will be competing with others who know what they are doing and they are going to be the website’s that you want to surpass at some point in time.

Only a small percentage of website’s are in this position though. Most website’s have not done the work needed to be a contender or they just don’t know where to begin and we will be able to pass them up rather quickly and easily.

A website can look real nice and can be costly but if the website isn’t receiving any traffic then the money and time used to develop the website was probably a waste.

That is where I come in. I can take your existing website and do and SEO makeover to it. I will also install a database driven link exchange program for you. Having links pointing to your website from other websites is extremely important.

As part of our service we will take over your link building program and get you on the way to beating out your competition.